Elizabeth McIsaac

Dr Sara and the entire staff have been exceptionally friendly, professional and gentle with our entire family. Always on time and very considerate of our needs. Five stars!

Susana Velasquez

Where to start? My husband has had a dental implant done by Dr. Sarah, and the result is nothing short of an aesthetic beautiful job. Dr Sarah’s skills are unparalleled to any other dentist we have had. For those who are new to implants: it is a procedure that may take several weeks and this was not different than it would have been with another dentist. However the swelling was hardly noticeable, no bruising at all!!!!! and he went back to work 2 days later. We were amazed! How satisfied are we? We travel all the way from HAMILTON and the commute is more than worth it. After all we want our teeth for as long as possible.

Mary C.

I have had the pleasure of being a patient at the office for over 20 years. Each and every time I have come to the office I am greeted with a warm smile and a comforting welcome. I am a nervous patient so this immediately puts me at ease. The staff have become like my family who I trust and I feel always can trust to give me the best care.

Mr. Coyle

It is clear that the staff are knowledgeable and updated in the latest technology. I was given not only explanations of what my tooth pain was caused from but also shown with a camera the area causing me discomfort. I didn’t have to rely on what someone was telling me, I could see it for myself. The staff was also very clear with all my options, costs associated with each option, and the expected results. It is nice to be given options.

Ken and Anglea P.

LOVE my Dentist! She had left the office for the day and came back to see my son who was hit with a puck. Very thankful!

Irene P.

I am almost 80 years old and I walk to this dental office from down the street. The manager always makes sure I have her personal cell phone number in case I get tired and feel I can’t walk any further. The genuine care and concern of the staff is heart warming. It is clear they all love their job and treat us all as though we are family. I live with a number of their patients in our facility and I have often been told about how the office has arranged to pick them up in extremely hot or cold weather, rain, or if they simply can’t get a family member to take them.


It is nice that the office has Dentists who perform such a wide variety of services. Being referred out to specialists all the time is an additional expense that I can’t afford. Thank you Highland Creek Dental!