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Highland Creek Dental, your trusted family dental office specialized in a wide range of dental services, welcomes new patients!

At Highland Creek Dental, we proud ourselves for: “Bringing LOVE to your SMILE!

To improve and maintain your oral health and smile beauty, we offer variety of dental care services from very basic to most complicated procedures. We have also equipped our office with latest technologies and state of the art equipment for a wide range of dental treatments from teeth whitening to full mouth reconstruction. Through excellent preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, plus technologies that make dental visits pleasant, we work with you to achieve a smile that can maximize your personal health and appearance, and raise your self-esteem.

We value personalized attention and long-term relationships with our clients; and, we do our best to provide a positive experience for all patients with a flexible and caring treatment plan designed to meet your needs and your budget. With an emphasis on patient communication, we give you the opportunity to participate fully in decisions about your treatment. We ensure to involve you and inform you at every point, and we always welcome your questions and feedback.

Dental Care for Kids & Their Lovely Smiles

Instilling good dental habits early is one of the most important life skills parents can pass on to their children. A healthy smile not only affects a kid’s self-esteem as they grow up, but how the world perceives them. When children visit us for an appointment at Highland Creek Dental, we make it our mission to help them feel comfortable so they can maintain good oral health today and into adulthood. Our staff are friendly, professional, and experienced. Everyone here is primed and eager to work with children of all ages. You will feel truly cared for and at home in our practice!

Bringing love to your smile!

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We look forward to meeting you and taking care of all your dental needs. We always welcome new patients, referrals and dental emergencies. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need any assistance, or want to schedule your next dental appointment.

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