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Do you want to find out if you are eligible for Ontario Dental Programs?

Highland Creek Dental has adopted the Canada Dental Benefit Program and is accepting patients who want to use this Government subsidy. The Canada Dental Benefit is intended to help lower dental costs for eligible families earning less than $90,000 per year.
Depending on your 2022 adjusted family net income, a tax-free payment of up to $650 is available for each eligible child under 12 years of age. This interim dental benefit is only available for 2 periods and you can only get a maximum of 2 payments for each eligible child.
Benefit payments are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
The first benefit period is for children under 12 years old as of December 1, 2022 who receive dental care until June 30, 2023. Payable amount is based on family’s adjusted net income of 2022 as per below:

  •  $650 for each eligible child if the family’s adjusted net income is under $70,000.
  •  $390 for each eligible child if the family’s adjusted net income is between $70,000 and $79,999.
  •  $260 for each eligible child if the family’s adjusted net income is between $80,000 and $89,999.
    Note: Eligibility is not impacted by coverage under provincial, territorial or other federal
    programs. In order to claim the Canada Dental Benefit, applicants covered under provincial,
    territorial or other federal programs must have out-of-pocket expenses. If all their expenses are
    covered by another program, they are not eligible.
    See “How much you can get” at below Website provided by Government:

Watch “How you can Apply” in below Video provided by Government:

Below you can find information regarding the Government Dental programs. All this info has been taken directly from Ontario Dental Association (ODA). You need to keep mind that these are programs run by municipal (local), provincial and federal governments to help eligible people in need access dental care. Here are some things you should know:

  • The Ontario Dental Association does not manage any of the programs listed below. Visit each program’s website for details by clicking on find out more
  • All the programs listed below have strict eligibility requirements, and most require you to complete an application before seeking treatment.
  • If you are eligible for one of the programs listed below it’s important to understand what the program covers. Many will only cover basic dental care.
  • Earlier this year, the federal government announced its plans to create a national dental program, the Canadian Dental Care Plan

Federal Programs

Interim Federal Health Program

The Interim Federal Health Program (IFPH) covers emergency dental care for refugees. “Emergency” is defined as procedures to reduce pain and active infection, hemorrhage and the result of oral trauma.

The IFHP provides limited, temporary coverage of health-care benefits to people in the following groups who aren’t eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance:

  • Protected persons, including resettled refugees;
  • Refugee claimants; and
  • Certain other groups.

Learn more: Interim Federal Health Program – Information for Individuals

Non-Insured Health Benefits Program

The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program is a national health-benefit program for eligible First Nations people and Inuit. This program provides coverage for a range of health benefits that are not covered through other social programs, private insurance plans or provincial or territorial health insurance.

The program covers a range of dental services including diagnostic (e.g. X-rays), preventive (e.g. cleaning, fluorides), restorative (e.g. fillings, crowns); endodontic (including root canal treatments), periodontal and oral surgery.

Learn more: Non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit

Provincial Programs

Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)

is a government-funded dental program that provides preventive, routine, and emergency dental services for children and youth 17 years old and under from low-income households.

Who it’s for: To be eligible your children must be:

  • 17 years of age or under;
  • Live in Ontario; and
  • Come from a household that meets the HSO income eligibility requirements.

Learn more: Healthy Smiles Ontario

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

offers financial assistance, benefits and employment support to eligible Ontarians living with a disability.

If you are receiving ODSP support, you and your spouse (18 years and over) may be able to get coverage for:

  • Basic dental services
  • Additional services if your disability, prescribed medications or prescribed treatment affects your oral health

If you have any children who are 17 years and under, they will be automatically enrolled in Healthy Smiles Ontario.

Learn more: Ontario Disability Support Program

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

OHIP is Ontario’s health care plan but it does not cover dental care, with the notable exception of some in-hospital dental surgeries (e.g. fracture repairs, tumor removal, reconstructive surgery). Medically necessary tooth removal is also sometimes covered, provided it has prior approval by OHIP.

Learn more: What OHIP Covers

Ontario Seniors’ Dental Care Plan

The new Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program is a government-funded dental care program. It provides free, routine dental services for low-income seniors who are 65 years of age or older. Seniors can access dental services under this program only through:

  • Public Health Units;
  • partner Community Health Centres; and
  • partner Aboriginal Health Access Centres.

Learn more on the Ontario government website or by calling 416-916-0204 or toll-free at 1-833-207-4435.

Ontario Works

Ontario Works helps people who are in financial need. It offers financial and employment assistance, including some health benefits for participants and their families. Emergency assistance is also available to people who are in a crisis or an emergency situation.

If you are receiving Ontario Works, you and your family may be eligible for certain health-related benefits. Children 17 and under will be automatically enrolled in the Healthy Smiles Ontario program.

Learn more: Ontario Works

Municipal Programs

Public Health Units

A Public Health Unit (PHU) is an official health agency established by a group of urban and rural municipalities to provide a more efficient community health program, carried out by full-time, specially qualified staff.

There are 36 PHUs in Ontario. Many have in-house dental clinics offering many free dental services for children and youth. Some PHUs also offer services for adults and seniors, but not all.

Learn more: Contact your closest Public Health Unit to ask about dental help in your area

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